Winter Swim

Community Center Pool 1Swim Team Parents,
Once again, we will be holding our winter swim program at the Herndon Community Center this year.  To keep the kids improving over the the next nine months, it’s helpful to keep them in the water to whatever degree possible.  We have about 20 kids who are swimming for year round swim clubs, but we know that’s not something that every kid is interested in or can commit to.  Coach Neal runs our own winter swim program, once per week, Sundays at 6:00-7:00 pm at the HCC.

Our goal for the winter is to keep the swimmers in the water while developing their form and technique.  At just once a week, we don’t expect miracles, just steady improvement, and it does keep them in tune with their swimming while still being able to participate in other sports.  We run it from the last weekend in September to the week before Memorial Day, and we are scheduled for 28 sessions (same as last year). The Winter Swim dates are on the team calendar or can be downloaded here. Your child should be able to swim the length of the pool to be in this program. If you’re not sure, email me or give me a call and we can discuss it.

Just like last year, the center will still be open to the public during our swim time, and we will only have five of the lanes available to us, and there is another class going on in the other three lanes.  This means we are a bit limited in how many kids we can squeeze into those five lanes.  If you’d like to sign up, please reply to this email so I can get an idea of how many kids to expect.  To register, please fill out the registration form (it is a fillable PDF) and drop it off in the box on my front porch at my house, at 12531 Rock Ridge Rd.  Last year we filled to capacity and I had to turn a number of kids away.  I don’t know if that will happen again this year, but I will take kids on a first-registered basis. The price this year is $225 per kid.


Marcel van Vierssen
Marcel van Vierssen, Advisor