Week 3 WIN!

That was a roller coaster ride of a meet today. Just when I thought our wining streak had ended, our team came storming back. The score was tied 135-135 after breaststroke, but we outscored them 57-33 in fly, and then won 8 of the 12 relays, to finish the win with a score of 232-188. You can also see the details, from our meet and all the meets around the league, at www.mynvsl.com.

NVSL Divisional Standings - Week 3
Division 6 Won Lost Tied Points
Hiddenbrook 3 0 0 687.0
Greenbriar 2 1 0 664.0
Lakeview 2 1 0 618.0
Sleepy Hollow B & R 1 2 0 610.0
Sully Station 1 2 0 609.0
Mosby Woods 0 3 0 585.0

Three more team records were broken at the meet:
Noah Dyer broke the 11-12 boys Freestyle record that he set last week, with a time of 29.33.
Lauren Blevins broke her own 13-14 girls Freestyle record that she set last year, with a time of 29.19.
Lauren Blevins also broke the 13-14 girls Butterfly record, held by Kristen LaCoe since 2000, with a time of 31.27.

Coach Jon also asked me to pass on this message:
“When I was addressing everyone today at Joe’s, I forgot to mention something important. After the meet, Greenbriar’s team rep complimented our kids for how well-behaved and humble they were. This kind of compliment means just as much to me as the way the kids swam.

It’s one thing to win meets, but it’s even better to win meets the right way: graciously, with sportsmanship and kindness. According to Greenbriar’s team rep, that’s exactly what we did today, and I’m very proud that I can pass that message along to you.



Marcel van Vierssen
Marcel van Vierssen, Advisor