Waterspouts Information

The Waterspouts program was formed for the purpose of preparing younger swimmers, ages 4-8, for the Hiddenbrook Hurricanes Swim Team. Swimmers in this program should be comfortable in the pool and  willing to put their faces in the water.

During practices, we focus on body position, correct kicking, proper arm strokes, and other techniques to perfect swimming form. Depending on ability, backstroke and breaststroke are also introduced and taught.

The Swim Team brings swimmers of all ages together (ages 4-18). The younger swimmers have interaction with older swimmers, cultivate many new friends, and make lasting memories. We have planned lots of social events to help achieve our goal of having fun, while at the same time teaching young swimmers valuable skills.

The Waterspouts will be divided into three morning practice times, 8:00-8:25, 8:30-8:55, and 9:00-9:25. We will always have enough coaches per practice to ensure a low swimmer to coach ratio. Waterspouts will meet each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, beginning Wednesday morning, June 20th. We may need to alter the times depending on the number of kids registered for the program (our 8.00am is very full, while 8.30am and 9.00am have plenty of room).

Waterspouts will swim in a Waterspouts Lollipop Swim Meet scheduled for the morning of July 27th. The swimmers will either kick or swim a length of the pool in a fun meet designed just for them and run by the older swimmers on the Team. They also will have a party immediately after the meet. Waterspouts are invited and encouraged to participate in all Team social activities and attend meets. The Waterspouts are also invited to the Team Awards Banquet on July 28th, at 6:00 p.m.

For more information, please contact Marcel van Vierssen at 703-404-0011 or email him at hbmarcelv@gmail.com.

Matt Pickworth