Time Trials this Saturday

Swim Team,

If you’ve looked at the calendar, you know we’ve got our time trials this Saturday, June 16th.  Our time trials serve a couple of important purposes.  First, it sets a baseline for your kids’ times and helps us track their progress.  Second, it allows us to have a seed time to determine who swims what strokes in the first meet the following Saturday.

  • We’re able to do some setup the night before, starting at 8:45 p.m.  All help is appreciated.
  •  Final preparation of the pool is Saturday morning, I’ll be there at 7:00.  We’ll have things open by 7:20, please have your swimmers arrive by then for 7:30 warm ups.  We need to be ready to begin at 8:00.  We have a lot of kids, and we need to have the pool open on time at 11.  This will be run much like a real meet, with stroke & turn judges, a starter, the referee, and three timers per lane.
  • Unlike a regular meet, we have to supply all the timers.  Six lanes, three timers per lane means we need 18 people to volunteer as timers.  Our volunteer web site is available here.  There are 18 timer slots to fill.
  • We need several parents to run the clerk of course, especially some with experience.  Again, you can go here to sign up.  We will have many new swimmers, so it’s essential that we have enough help to direct the traffic.
  • Waterspouts do not need to attend (unless you just want to come watch).
  • We will not have our regular morning concessions set up, but we will have a mini-concession set up of coffee, bagels and doughnuts.  We always need lots of help with concessions, and you can sign up for that on the web site as well.
  • At the end of the time trial, we need to take down our equipment and put the chairs back so the guards can do their job to get the pool open.  If everyone pitches in it goes really quickly.
  • If you know your child can not attend on Saturday (there are still other sports this weekend), please check with the coaches.  We do not close the pool for make-ups, we will just use the lanes that we have set up from practice.  We do need timers, so if your child is swimming at the make-ups, please help out by timing.
  • I have a list of kids I’ve been told will not be there Saturday.  It is important for us to know who will or will not be there.  I will send out an absentee list in the next few days to confirm.
  • It’s ok for kids to have snacks in the team area, but please try to avoid any peanut or tree nut products.  We have quite a few kids with severe allergies.

For all the new kids on the team, here are some helpful hints:

  • Things will be run similarly to a regular meet, but with only our team.
  • The kids should be ready to swim when they arrive for warm ups.  This means dressed, goggles, etc. If your swimmer has a swim cap, break it out now.   Older swimmers and junior coaches as well as other swim parents can help to put them on.
  • Each swimmer will be timed for each stroke that they are capable of swimming.  We start time trials and meets with Freestyle.  Boys are first followed by girls in each age group until everyone has swum the stroke. First swimmers are the 8 & under age group, then 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, & 15-18. The next stroke is Back, then Breast & finally Fly
  • Please make sure that swimmers eat as early as possible before coming – just not too much….
  • Please be sure that they wear & bring sun screen.
  • A towel is a must and an extra one in a bag or car isn’t a bad idea especially if it is chilly.  They will swim to “warm up” before the actual event starts and then will be in & out of the pool.
  • Along those lines, a sweatshirt or pants aren’t a bad idea – again if it is chilly, and at 8am that is often the case.
  • In between events, swimmers are expected to stay in our team area – the back corner/picnic area of the pool. The coaching staff will help keep watch over your swimmers.
  • Parents can go into the team area, but please don’t hang out there.  The coaching staff is responsible for them during the meets.
  • Most of our swimmers have similar suits, towels, goggles & bags so LABEL EVERYTHING!  Check the lost & found for a few days if something goes missing.
  • New parents are often confused about what they can do to help out.  Timing is easy and fun, and a good place to start.  If you are the calm, patient and organized type, we can always use help in the Clerk of Course.  Concessions are a big part of our fundraising, and we always need more help there.  And of course, we can always use more hands to set up before and clean up after.

Go Hurricanes!


Matt Pickworth