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Hiddenbrook Hurricanes Parent Committees

The Hiddenbrook Parent Committees are set up to coordinate different social activities for the swimmers, to staff Hiddenbrook sponsored meets, to organize fundraising for the team, to coordinate team apparel, as well as perform other team related tasks. It is made up of interested parents like you, and we welcome your involvement.  The position descriptions as well as the 2018 members holding that position are outlined below.

Committee Job Descriptions

President, Matt Pickworth – Presides over the Swim Team Steering Committee. Oversees the management and operations of the team and the coaching staff and works with the team reps to support swim meets. The President shall act as intermediary and chief liaison between and among the General Membership, Swim Team Steering Committee, Hiddenbrook Homes Association, and the coaches.

Vice President, Bob Yost – Assists President in managing the Swim Team.

Team Representative, Neal Jarvis & Kate Pickworth – Liaison between the team and our league, the NVSL. This person represents the team at all NVSL meetings and reports to the NVSL Division Coordinator. The team rep supervises the team at Saturday Dual (A) Meets, as well as other NVSL Meets and the Herndon Olympics, and ensures that the Swim Team follows NVSL rules. The team rep prepares necessary paperwork and updates the computer database for each meet.

B Meet Team Representative, Hilary Huse – Manages the Swim Team’s developmental meets (Monday B meets) and is responsible for making sure that the Swim Team follows Monday League Rules. The B Meet Representative prepares the necessary paperwork to support the Monday meets.

Treasurer, Laura Torgerson – Acts as custodian of all team funds and as such maintains accounts in accordance with sound accounting procedures; reports the status of Swim Team financial matters at each Steering Committee or General Membership meeting as necessary; deposits and disburses funds, including payment of coaches’ salaries; reports Swim Team income to the Hiddenbrook Homes Association annually.

Secretary, Susan Indrisano – Prepares minutes of all meetings and distributes appropriate correspondence on behalf of the Swim Team.

Activities, Shannon Blaisdell, Kim Evans & Jennifer King – Organizes all social activities for the team including the end-of-year Banquet.

Advisory, Marcel van Vierssen & Dawn Blevins – Provides guidance and insight on Swim Team issues. The person in this position would ideally possess many years of active involvement with the Hiddenbrook Swim Team.

Apparel, Kristin Leveto & Paige Dyer – Responsible for selecting Swim Team swimsuits and coordinating the ordering of such suits and other team apparel. Also manages all trophies and gifts.

Concessions, Lisa Rita – Responsible for purchasing, storing, preparing and selling food and other items at home swim meets.

Facilities, Neal Jarvis – Responsible for overseeing the set-up and clean up of the pool for home swim meets, and for the procurement and storage of team-owned equipment.

Fundraising, Susan Indrisano – Organizes, manages and conducts fundraising activities for the team.

Officials, Lynn Reda – Tracks credentials of Hiddenbrook Swim Team officials and schedules them for swim meets.

Special Activities, Emma Collie – Coordinates any special events/meets that we may host, such as Herndon Olympics, Divisionals, Relay Carnival, etc.

Volunteer Coordinator, Alexis Doty – Finds volunteers to fill positions needed for swim meets (other than officials) and social activities.

Winter Swim Coordinator, Neal Jarvis & Greg Indrisano – Organizes and manages the Hiddenbrook Winter Swim program.

HOA Liaison, Paige Dyer – Facilitates and maintains a close working relationship between the Swim Team and the Hiddenbrook Homeowners Association.