Adult Swim Returns!

ImageYou may have seen the notice in the Mainstream, or I may have told you directly, so here it is…

This summer we will once again be doing an adult fitness swim program, led by our former head coach, Neal Jarvis.  He’ll lead us through a workout set three days a week, Mon/Wed/Fri.  Our first day will be Wednesdayday 6/20, and we’ll go into late August.  We’ll open the pool at 7:00am, get the lane lines in, and finish at about 7:55, before the 8&unders and Waterspouts start their practice.   Just as in previous years, we’ll have all six lanes of the pool to ourselves, so we can spread out as needed.  The program is open to swimmers of all abilities, no matter your experience, age or fitness. The cost of the program is also the same as previous years – $50.  This is open to any adult members of the pool, not just swim team parents.  The only rules are that you must be a member of the pool, and you must be at least 18.  If you’re interested in joining in, email me and I’ll add you to the list.  I’ll collect your payments when we get started.


Marcel van Vierssen
Marcel van Vierssen, Advisor