Pool Policy Clarification

Swim Team Parents –

There has been some confusion regarding pool policies so far this season, and we wanted to clarify a few points:

1. Your child’s qualification for the swim team does not necessarily mean that they are exempt from taking the swim test. There may have been some confusion on this point. The guards have a list of swimmers who, for a variety of reasons (e.g., regular past participation in A Meets, performance at winter swim, etc), are exempt from taking the test. If your swimmer is NOT marked as exempt, they are REQUIRED to take the brief test. Please do not argue with life guards or question their authority. They are simply following established rules and trying to keep children safe.

2. Please ensure that if you have an 11/12 year old, in order for them to go to the pool without an adult they must pass the swim test AND have a parent form completed on file. Parent forms are available at the guard desk. DO NOT send unaccompanied underage kids to the pool to meet other families or adults. They will not be admitted unless the adult who is responsible for them while at the pool comes out to the guard desk to check them in. Further, they will need to leave the pool when the adult checking them in leaves.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Matt Pickworth

Matt Pickworth