2018 Swim Caps

Yes, it’s January and yes we are ordering swim caps for the upcoming summer season! Our team has changed caps and we want to give everyone the opportunity to make sure they have them before the season starts.


Team caps will be available for pre-order through midnight on February 14th via this link.

We are offering caps with names and plain caps, all at $12 each.

If your swimmer has their name on their cap, you may actually see it again if it is lost! And, you may also be able to pick your child out in a crowd of goggles & caps.

If you choose caps with names, you must order at least two with the same name.

All caps on this pre-order are a minimum of two. Plain caps will be available for purchase through the team all season.

The new team caps will be required for all swimmers wearing caps in A meets.

Caps should have last names only. A first initial may be considered to differentiate siblings. There is a 25 character maximum on the caps including spaces.

We will do a final cap order at registration time that will close the same date as try ons for anyone who missed getting their name on a cap but still wants to (two caps).  There is however, at least a six week turnaround, so if you want a cap with your swimmer’s name on it for the entire swim season, order now.

Again, blank caps (no name) will be available throughout the season through the team.

2018 Caps

Matt Pickworth